1 Which type of service and method does SMS Marketing offer?
  We offer SMS sending solutions for your businesses’ needs.
2. What kind of response will I get if my business uses SMS Marketing service compare to other traditional marketing?
SMS Marketing is attractive because of its positive results. Response from SMS is almost instant. People always have their phones close by and read their text messages within minutes. When they are interested in your products or offers, they will take action immediately. Also, your SMS marketing service is not limited to certain area of coverage but nationwide.
Unlike those old traditional marketing, such as door-to-door promoting or distribution of flyers and leaflets which the methods are targeted purely by area and community, it’s time consuming and less result driven. People tend to resist and just ignore when get approached by a stranger such as sales person. They are most probably walk away or you will get the excuse like “I am in a hurry” and etc.
Plus, people do not always like to have face-to-face contact with the sales person. With SMS marketing, they get to choose the best way to receive updates of products and marketing.
3. How the service works in business?
We provide customers with a secure, simple, dependable, high capacity SMS platform. Features include bulk SMS delivery, address book, history reporting, bulk imports of contacts and many advanced sending features. 
From there, you can start creating marketing campaigns and sending SMS to the targeted niche groups and this enables you to get more customers, more revenue and expand your business!
4. How to get the customers’ attention through the service and increase the response rate?
SMS marketing is a fast and reliable service. People always carry their mobile phones with them, which means, they receive the message at the very moment it is sent and is always most instant. 
The mobile medium makes you easier to issue promotions and marketing services to the customers. Further, they can keep the virtual information with them and carry it around till the time they need to use it.
Moreover, with our Inbox feature, your customers are able to reply to your marketing SMS instantly and you are definitely hitting the highest response rate.
5. How much for the cost?
  We offer as low as RM 0.07 per SMS for our customer.
6. How many accounts can I have in SMS.ONLINEKINI.COM?
  You need only one account. Your account will be able to create sub-account, and allow them to send SMS on behalf of you. Please refer to the Users section after you login.
7 How to update my account if my email address has changed?
  You can inform us at for assistance.
8. How much characters I can send in a SMS?
  160 characters for the alphanumeric message whilst 70 characters for unicode message. However, you can send more than 160 or 70 characters in a SMS and that will be counted as 2 or more SMS credit depending on the total characters. 
Is failure SMS being charged too?
  We are not responsible for any failure SMS causes by Telco.
For SMS service, which countries are supported?
  Currently, we support services for Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia .
11. Any limits to the amount of messages I can send daily or monthly?
12. How do I make my payment?
  We accept major local banks transfer, Cash-In and Visa Debit / Credit Card payment via online order.
13. How do I terminate my account?
  You can inform us at
14. What software do I need to send SMS?
Are there any hidden costs involved?


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